Saturday, June 25, 2022

Dramatic footage shows a Russian boat laden with weapons being blown up by two Harpoon missiles

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A dramatic video has revealed the moment when Ukrainian forces…

The footage shows the dramatic moment when a Russian naval tugboat was blown up by two Harpoon missiles in the middle of the Black Sea.

In a video filmed with a TB-2 drone, the Russian “Vasily Bekh” appears to show a low-flying missile closing in on the target before detonating, unleashing two huge explosions.

Ukrainian officials have confirmed that their forces used an anti-ship missile system to hit the enemy ship as it traveled to Snake Island armed with weapons on June 17.

According to The Sun, the Harpoon missiles gliding across the sea can sink a ship from over 80 miles over the horizon.

The incident marked the first time Ukraine confirmed it had launched Harpoon missiles, which were supplied by the UK, Denmark and the US.

The head of the Odessa regional military administration Maxim Marchenko said: “This morning our naval forces attacked the Black Sea Fleet support ship Vasily Bekh with the TOR anti-aircraft missile system on board. It was later revealed that he had sunk.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after meeting President Zelenskyy in Kyiv in April, vowed to give Ukraine weapons, technology and intelligence to ensure “Putin must fail”.

The Prime Minister also pledged £100m in further British military aid, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons and so-called ‘suicide drones’ to hover over the battlefield ahead of an attack.

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The news comes after Russia’s state TV host threatened that Vladimir Putin’s troops are ready for a “colossal war” with NATO and warned they could soon deploy 100 missiles a day to support the fight.

With Putin’s invasion of Ukraine approaching its fourth month, there have been indications on Kremlin-sponsored channels that the regime’s supporters are growing restless amid the current stalemate.

This has led some newscasters to dismiss the leader’s claim that the conflict in Ukraine was a “special military operation,” with one newscaster even declaring that World War III had begun.

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