Sunday, October 17, 2021

“Doomsday” mother accused of killing children may also have killed her ex-husband, the family says

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Chandler Police in Arizona released files of their investigation alleging that Lori Vallow conspired with her brother Alex Cox to kill her third husband, Joseph Ryan

Doomsday mom Lori Vallow’s brother, who is accused of killing her two children, said she also killed her third husband, new documents show.

Last week the Chandler Police Department in Arizona released computer files, text messages, police reports and interviews from their investigation alleging that Lori Vallow Daybell conspired with her late brother Alex Cox to kill her third husband, Joseph Ryan.

Joseph Ryan allegedly died of a heart attack in 2018.

“Lori and Alex were planning to kill Joe,” her other brother, Adam Cox, told detectives, according to documents received from Deseret News.

“They planned how they were going to kill Joe and Al wanted him Taser, toss him in the trunk and take him to a field, shoot him and then bury him. Well, Al went to him Taser and it … didn’t work and.” Joe called the police and Al went to jail. “

A close friend told investigators that Lori “hired her brother to kill Joe for doing things to them.”

Joseph died of a heart attack in April 2018, with Alex dying of blood clots in his lungs in December 2019, and coroners ruled that both deaths were due to natural causes.

However, the investigation into the circumstances of Alex’s death has since resumed.

Adam Cox continued in his interview with investigators: “It must be somewhere where they discussed this because Lori and Alex were planning Joe’s death.

“I’m telling you that something is wrong with Lori and Alex and the beliefs they have. Lori thinks death is nothing … The family – cousins ​​and uncles – they understand the story with Lori, Alex and Lori’s ex-husbands a whole pattern of things there. “

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Alex Cox was convicted of assault after attacking Joseph Ryan with a taser in a parking lot in Texas in 2007 in what was believed to be a failed murder plot. Ryan survived.

Prior to his final “natural” death, Joseph Ryan and Lori were embroiled in a custody battle in which she accused him of sexually abusing their daughter Tylee Ryan and their older son Colby Ryan, who later died himself, with Lori charged in connection therewith was with her death.

She is charged with conspiracy to murder, along with her current husband, Chad Daybell, 53.

The children’s bodies were found buried in the garden of his Idaho home in June 2020. Lori’s children were 7 year old Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and 17 year old Tylee Ryan.

The couple are also charged with conspiracy to commit murder related to the death of Chad’s former wife, Tammy Daybell, 49.

Lori is also charged in Arizona with trying to kill her former estranged husband Charles Vallow, 62, with the help of her late brother Alex Cox.

Charles was shot “in self-defense” on July 11, 2019 by Lori’s brother Alex. This was during a custody battle between Lori and her then-husband Charles over their son Joshua.

Chad pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Lori has yet to file a plea because she is being treated in a mental health facility because a judge has found she is not yet able to stand trial, the Daily Mail reported.

She was a member of the doomsday cult Preparing a People, an organization whose mission is to “prepare the people of this earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ”.

Daybell had authored and self-published more than 25 doomsday books for the Mormon audience and spoken at several Preparing a People events. He and Vallow also appeared together on an episode of the organization’s podcast.

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