Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Donut-shaped glowing “UFO” discovered in the sky as SpaceX astronauts return to Earth

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The UFO was seen the same night that SpaceX astronauts returned to Earth – but one expert has claimed it was “almost impossible” to see the Endeavor capsule from Switzerland

A strangely glowing UFO shaped like a donut was spotted in the sky the same night astronauts ventured back into Earth’s atmosphere.

A photographer in Switzerland was stunned when he took several pictures of what he called a “donut UFO”.

On the night of Monday, November 8th, the man from Zurich captured the mysterious object – consisting of several light blue concentric rings – with the camera.

At first, the photographer thought the UFO was actually SpaceX’s Endeavor capsule, which was due to return to Earth that night with four astronauts who had just completed a 200-day stay on the International Space Station.

But it was the Gulf of Mexico – more than 5,000 miles from Zurich, Switzerland – where the Endeavor capsule landed that night.

While viewers in Louisiana, Alabama, and several other Gulf states could see the capsule spilling across the sky, Marco Langbroek, amateur satellite tracker and academic researcher at Leiden University in the Netherlands, told LiveScience that it was “almost impossible” for anyone in Switzerland could see the capsule.

He said, “All passports [of Endeavour] Before landing that night over Switzerland completely in the earth’s shadow, ie not illuminated by the sun and thus not visible.

“The re-entry itself took place over Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico and would not have been visible from Switzerland. The Deorbit surf before the re-entry was not visible over the Indian Ocean, so also not from Switzerland.”

Langbroek claims that the UFO seen over Switzerland may have been the distorted image of a distant star.

He said: “I’m pretty sure that the ‘Donut UFO’ in the Swiss pictures is a blurred image of a bright star.

“It looks quite like this.”

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However, some of the photographer’s other images captured that night appear to show a zigzag trail of light behind the subject, suggesting that it is moving.

Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts, USA, has claimed that the donut UFO may have been the top section of a rocket used to put a spacecraft into orbit, re-enter the atmosphere, and burn.

Whether it was a distant star, part of a rocket or an alien donut – the UFO over Switzerland truly remains a mystery.

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