Sunday, June 26, 2022

Dog escapes from pet hotel, walks 2 miles home in Kansas

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Jeremy Henson said he and his wife Sarah dropped their dog, Dexter, at a Lenexa pet hotel before traveling to Las Vegas, where their phones informed them that their Ring doorbell camera had detected movement at the house.

June 23 (News) — A Kansas couple vacationing in Las Vegas said their dog escaped from a pet hotel and ran 2 miles to their home, where it triggered their doorbell camera.

Henson said he and his wife were shocked to see the dog on camera.

“We always thought it must be another dog,” he told USA Today. “No, that’s definitely Dexter.”

Henson said Dexter jumped a 6-foot fence and a 4-foot grab fence to escape the boarding facility and ran to the couple’s home.

“I activated the ring doorbell to calm Dexter. He looked excited and not freaked out,” Henson said.

The couple contacted the pet hotel, who sent a van to the house. They said Dexter ran straight to the vehicle and jumped in.

Henson said Dexter likely figured out how to get home from the pet hotel because he frequently walked in the area, including at least twice when he and his owners passed the premises.

“We always knew he was smart. It actually made sense that he made it there,” Henson said. “He’s getting himself into trouble about how smart he is.”

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