Sunday, November 27, 2022

Del Mar shark attack: San Diego shark bite victim speaks out about terrifying experience

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Just hours after her swim off the Del Mar coast ended in a shark bite, Lyn Jutronicich is ready to share her horrifying experience.

“I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t know if I haven’t processed it all yet,” Jutronicch said.

Jutronich swam competitively in college and swims in the ocean two or three times a week.

On Friday morning, she and her swimming partner were resting in the water before heading back to shore when something slammed into them.

“I felt a huge, like a really hard hit, I don’t know how else to put it, like right between my legs and it was pushing me, it was hurting and it was pushing me up and out of the water,” said Jutronich to KGTV.

Jutronicch said that without a doubt she knew right away that she was dealing with a shark.

“I saw it latch onto my leg so I don’t know if I saw it bit my leg or if I saw it after it bit my leg, but I definitely have that.” mouth seen,” she recalled.

It was the mouth of one of the ocean’s greatest predators.

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“It was on my right leg and it shook once, like a dog, and it let go of me,” Jutronich said.

She then came out of the water to tell her swim partner.

“I’ve just been bitten, I’ve just been bitten, we have to go ashore,” she said.

But her partner knew because he saw Jutronicich grab something.

“He said he saw the water moving [and] He saw me turn around and he saw the fin in the shark’s back,” Jutronicich said.

The pair swam back to shore, where lifeguards and rescue workers took Jutronicich to the hospital.

Del Mar Beach has been closed and signs have been put up to warn swimmers and surfers.

Jutronicch admits she’s still in a bit of shock, but even as she recovers, she’s using a little humor to help her heal.

“My girlfriend sent me an article saying I should buy a Powerball ticket because the chances of winning the Powerball seem to be less than being attacked by a shark, so I have this to myself, she joked.

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