Friday, May 6, 2022

Defense expert warns Putin ‘closer than ever’ to triggering devastating nuclear war

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Defense expert Michael Clarke has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be “closer than ever” to launching nuclear warheads and using “battlefield nukes” in his invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin may be closer than ever to pressing the big red button that would trigger a devastating nuclear war, a defense expert has claimed.

In a recent bizarre speech, the Russian president fumed that the country could respond to Western aid to Ukraine with “lightning-fast” weapons that Russia “won’t brag about.”

Defense expert and academic Michael Clarke has responded to fears over Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons, saying the Russian leader is closer than ever to pulling the nuclear trigger.

Clarke downplayed concerns about hidden weapons, citing more public tests and boasts of Sarmat nuclear missiles, but said nations are on full alert amid growing concerns over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Clarke claimed that the Pentagon was “not surprised” by Putin’s claims and said that Putin was “exploiting” his unpredictable nature to “scare the West into giving him a free hand in Ukraine.”

Clarke continued: “Britain should not be afraid of this albeit dangerous – maybe even insane – dictator because he has been making threats for over a decade.

“Similarly, we shouldn’t rejoice in his ability to further harm the world. It’s not as far from deploying a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine as we once thought.”

The defense expert went on to claim that in the future the use of a “so-called ‘Battlefield Nuke'” with a potential destruction radius of “one kilometer” could be deployed.

Clarke says the potential nuclear bomb on the battlefield would “wipe out well entrenched Ukrainian forces” although “it is not possible to predict how Putin will escalate the war”.

Clarke wrote in The Sun that NATO might not respond with nuclear weapons if Russia launched its missiles: “My guess is that NATO would not launch nuclear weapons in return, but would instead choose to target military targets in a massive conventional bombing campaign off.”

“And my prediction – and my fear – is that this war is going to be much more dangerous for all of us.”

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