Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dad joked that his son was eaten by a shark when a real shark ravaged him

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Keane Hayes, 13, was attacked by a shark while lobster diving on a California beach in 2018, but four years later the brave teenager is more in love with the ocean than ever

A father who joked his son was being “eaten by a shark” when he heard a scream from the sea was shocked to discover his son had actually been devastated by a shark.

On September 29, 2018, 13-year-old Keane Hayes was diving for lobsters off the coast of California when he felt a violent jolt on his body.

After initially thinking he had been ripped off by his dive buddy, the teenager looked down and saw his wetsuit was torn and he was bleeding profusely.

Keane let out a heart-rending scream, found the strength to paddle to a nearby kayak, and was brought to shore.

Meanwhile, on the shore, Keane’s parents were thankfully ignorant of their son’s dire plight.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Ellie Hayes, the mother of the now 17-year-old, said she was on the phone with her husband Ben when she heard the screams.

At the time, he laughed away her fears and said, “It was probably just Keane that got eaten by a shark.”

Although Keane had not been eaten by the sea beast, he had been devastated.

The unknown shark’s bite had completely torn his body, and lifeguards said they could see his lungs after rescuing him.

The attack had also fractured his shoulder blade, crushed his humerus (upper arm), torn his rotator cuff (muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint), and left him with multiple back injuries.

He was also missing parts of his deltoid (shoulder) and latissimus dorsi muscles, which cover his middle and lower back.

Keane underwent five hours of surgery and received over 1,000 stitches for his wounds.

And remarkably, despite the attack, Keane has returned to the water.

Last year he spent 351 days at sea to overcome his fear of sharks.

Returning to the same spot on Beacon’s Beach where it was vandalized, Keane said, “It was good to be back at the spot and have good memories.”

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