Monday, October 25, 2021

Crisis in the Union Schäuble no longer wants a leading role in the CDU

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After the CDU’s election failure, the entire leadership team is to be re-elected. For party veteran Wolfgang Schäuble it is already clear that he no longer wants to run for office.

With the reorganization of the CDU, Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble no longer wants to play a leading role in his party. “He is not available for a candidacy for the national executive committee of his party,” said a spokesman for Schäuble in the newspapers of the Funke media group on Tuesday. However, Schäuble was directly elected in his constituency. Therefore, the 79-year-old intends to exercise his mandate as a member of parliament “for the full electoral term”.

As President of the Bundestag, Schäuble has so far been a member of the CDU Presidium by virtue of office. In the new electoral term, however, the SPD, as the strongest force in the Bundestag, is entitled to the position of President of Parliament.

The CDU leadership decided on Monday to decide on the successor to party leader Armin Laschet by the beginning of 2022. As a consequence of the worst result in a Bundestag election, a special party congress should also re-elect the entire leadership of the CDU from the Presidium and the Federal Executive Committee.

According to the Funke newspapers, the deputy CDU federal chairmen Volker Bouffier and Thomas Strobl left it open whether they would run for these offices again. “That will be decided by the state chairman in due course,” said a party spokesman for the CDU Hessen with a view to Bouffier.

A spokeswoman for the CDU Baden-Württemberg said, according to the information about Strobl’s future in the federal party: “First the state, then the party, then the person – we will answer personnel questions in due course.”

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