Monday, November 29, 2021

Corona overload patients from Bavaria are being relocated to Italy

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Due to the many corona cases, there is hardly any capacity, warn the Bavarian hospitals. A “Hamster wheel” that continues to accelerate. Germans have to be treated abroad.

In view of the unchecked increase in the number of corona infections, the Bavarian hospitals are warning of an imminent overload of the intensive care units and are calling for significantly tougher contact restrictions in the Free State.

People can already no longer be treated. That is why patients are being transferred from Bavaria to Italy, explained the President of the Association of Leading Hospital Doctors in Germany, Michael Weber. The capacities would be running out. He expects the number of intensive care patients to double within the next 21 to 23 days.

“The current situation is more dramatic than it has ever been in the entire pandemic in Bavaria,” said the managing director of the Bavarian Hospital Society, Roland Engehausen, of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” on Friday.

“We already have hardly any capacity,” reported Engehausen. In Bavarian clinics, even cancer operations would have to be postponed indefinitely. The transfer of patients to neighboring federal states is also becoming more and more difficult.

“The infection numbers have to go down in order to be able to carry out the predictable treatments that we are now postponing,” said the hospital representative. “We need significant avoidance of contact,” demanded Engehausen. “Whether you call it lockdown or something else is of secondary importance to us hospitals.”

The currently planned steps were not sufficient to curb the increase in the number of infections: “At the moment we do not see any sufficiently effective countermeasures that would bring relief to us in the clinics in the next two to four weeks,” warned the representative of the Bavarian clinics . “That makes the situation so dramatic both now and in the perspective of the next few weeks.”

The number of corona intensive care patients in Bavaria is increasing by around 30 percent every week without tough countermeasures, “so that we will soon no longer have a chance for transfers within the Free State,” said Engehausen.

Bavarian intensive care patients are already being transferred to other federal states. “But the way to Baden-Württemberg is actually already closed because the clinics there are getting closer to the Bavarian situation,” said the hospital representative. “We don’t know whether we’ll be able to bring someone to Hesse in a few weeks. You don’t need to drive to Thuringia and Saxony, and in the south of Austria the situation is no better than here.”

Despite the appropriate preparations by some hospitals, Bavaria is still a long way from triage. “We still do not see such a situation in Bavarian clinics,” emphasized Engehausen. “We have the ability to postpone scheduled treatments, move patients over longer distances to areas with less stress, and other means,” he said.

However, the current development has even exceeded the very pessimistic expectations of the clinics. “October 22nd was the tipping point, since then we have had sharply rising incidence figures and the associated increase in intensive care treatments. We have gotten into a hamster wheel that continues to accelerate.”

The vast majority of intensive cases would have been preventable through vaccinations, said Engehausen. “Right now it is important for every single person to get vaccinated, not only out of solidarity, but also because the care is no longer optimal, as you might have thought a few weeks ago.”

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