Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Cops capture five-foot line in British family’s living room

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June 20 (News) — A family in Birmingham, England called for help after finding a 5ft black and white snake in their living room.

ITV News sThe patriarch was concerned the creature might be venomous, so he called 999 and escorted his children out of the area of ​​their Hodge Hill home for safety on Sunday night.

Somerset Live reported that local animal rescue services were not able to help until Monday morning, so police used a grab and a pillowcase to remove the snake from its hiding place under a couch.

The reptile believed to have entered the home through the pipe system is now in a shelter.

“One of our call center employees — our in-house reptile expert who has worked in animal research for the University of British Columbia — had offered advice on the likely species of snake and tips on how to manage it,” Midlands Police said in a statement.

“We are not sure how the snake got into the flat in Hodge Hill, Birmingham. It is suspected that she entered through the pipe system,” the statement continued. “The snake is doing well and will be looking for a new home.”

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