Sunday, June 26, 2022

Cop fired after tattooing ‘Pure Evil’ on knuckles but claims it has meaning

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Eric Weyda has been fired from the Cincinnati Police Department in Ohio, United States, after his team discovered his offensive tattoo – but the officer said the force misinterpreted its meaning

A police officer was fired after having the words “pure evil” tattooed on his ankles after the force feared it could cause “extraordinary damage”.

Eric Weyda was fired in April after 16 years of service – just four months after a senior officer spotted a tattoo on his hand.

The officer, who was stationed with the Cincinnati Police Department in Ohio, claims his tattoos did not represent his personality or character.

He said the inkings were misinterpreted and meant to represent the “struggle” between purity and evil, reports NBC News affiliate WLWT5.

According to the station’s internal records, Weyda was originally reassigned to work with the department’s confiscated property in order to limit his interactions with the public.

His inking violates department guidelines, which bar officers from getting tattoos on their hands, face, neck and head.

“Officer Weyda’s tattoos do not promote the Cincinnati Police Department’s professional and neutral image and damage public trust,” a police captain said at a disciplinary hearing.

“Officer Weyda’s message also has the very real possibility of causing extraordinary damage to police-community relations, both locally and nationally.”

It has since been revealed that the officer had recently committed a burnout in the department’s parking lot.

Weyda was also approached for his low attendance and use of language when answering calls for help.

The department stressed that his annual reviews for the past four years have been unsatisfactory and he was disciplined for his role in investigating and arresting a suspect in 2012 and 2013.

The officer was reportedly fired from the force for disobedience and a lack of good behavior.

The records mentioned that Weyda was remorseful about his controversial tattoos, but dismissed the idea of ​​removal because of the costly lawsuit.

He’s trying to get his job back by investigating through his local Brotherhood of Police lodge.

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