Thursday, December 2, 2021

‘"Controlled delivery" – Traffic light parties agree to legalize cannabis

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According to media reports, the parties of the traffic light coalition have decided to legalize cannabis. The sale should be possible under certain conditions.

According to a report, the traffic light parties want to legalize the sale of cannabis for consumption purposes. The health and care working group has agreed on this, reported the Funke media group such as “Spiegel Online”.

“We are introducing the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for pleasure purposes in licensed shops,” said the negotiators from the SPD, Greens and FDP in the result paper. This controls the quality, prevents the transfer of contaminated substances and guarantees the protection of minors.

According to the report, the relevant law is to be evaluated after four years with a view to its social impact. So far, the sale of cannabis for pleasure purposes has been banned in Germany. The Greens and FDP have long been in favor of legal, regulated trade in cannabis.

The three parties also want to develop models for so-called “drug checking” and harm reduction measures, the report continues. With “drug checking”, users can have illegally acquired drugs checked for their chemical composition and thus be warned of particularly dangerous ingredients.

At the same time, the parties want to tighten the regulations for marketing and sponsorship for alcohol, nicotine and cannabis. “We measure regulations again and again on the basis of new scientific findings and align measures to health protection accordingly,” says the report in the working group’s paper.

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