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Congressman Tim Ryan’s family: 5 quick facts you need to know

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Tim Ryan is an Ohio Democrat who has served in the US House of Representatives since 2003, as noted in his congressional biography. He is currently running for the Senate against Republican JD Vance.

Here’s what you need to know about Ryan’s family.

Andrea Zetts Ryan has been a teacher since 1999. She is eligible to teach elementary and middle school classes, according to the Ohio Department of Education. She currently teaches first grade at Seaborn Elementary School in the Weathersfield Local School district, as indicated on the district’s website.

According to The Business-Journal, Zetts and Ryan were first introduced by their brother-in-law in 2008.

she the knot tied in a private ceremony in New York City in April 2013, Heavy previously reported. They took a carriage ride in Central Park after the ceremony, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Like her husband, Zetts hails from eastern Ohio, according to the Akron Beacon Journal after their marriage. She grew up in Struthers, a small town in Mahoning County about 25 minutes from Ryan’s hometown of Niles.

Zetts had two children from her first marriage, a son named Mason and a daughter named Bella. But Ryan made it clear in a 2014 interview with The Business Journal that he viewed Mason and Bella as more than just his wife’s children. He told the newspaper, “I love my stepchildren like they were my own.”

Ryan and Zetts joined the family in June 2014 when they welcomed son Brady. Ryan shared the news posted a photo of the newborn on Twitter. At the time of this writing, Brady was 8 years old and even starred in this video posted on Ryan’s Senate campaign website.

Mason and Bella call Ryan by his first name, as shown in this Father’s Day video shared to his campaign’s Facebook page in June 2022. In the video, Mason thanks Ryan for “everything you do for me and the family,” adding that he loves that Ryan came to all his football, basketball, and baseball games. Bella shares that Ryan is a “great cheer dad” and thanks him for coming to her games too. Brady thanks his dad for playing basketball with him, adding, “Even though you’ll never be faster than me!” All three express their hope that Ryan would win the Senate race.

According to this Facebook post, Mason graduated from high school in 2021. Bella celebrated her own high school graduation the following year, as noted on social media.

Ryan and his wife raised their children in the town of Warren, Howland Township, just a few miles from his hometown of Niles. Trumbull County property records show that Ryan and Zetts purchased their single-family home for $310,000 a few weeks after their 2013 wedding.

Ryan has been in the public eye since he began his political career more than two decades ago. He was first elected to the Ohio Senate at age 26 and later decided to run for the US House of Representatives in 2002. A Post Gazette article published after his election victory revealed some details about his childhood.

Ryan and his older brother were raised primarily by their mother, Rochelle, after their parents’ divorce. The newspaper reported that Ryan “hasn’t had a relationship with his father since.”

According to his birth certificate, Ryan’s parents are Rochelle Maria (Rizzi) Ryan and Allen Leroy Ryan. Ryan is of Italian and Irish descent, ABC News reported.

In this campaign video, Ryan shows his son the house he grew up in and explains that he lived there with Brady’s “grandma and uncle.” Brady asks, “Just the three of you?” Ryan doesn’t mention his father and replies, “Yeah, but the whole neighborhood felt like family.”

Ryan praised his mother as a great role model in this May 2022 tweet. He wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to the two most important women in my life: Andrea and my own mother, Rochelle Rizzi. I love you both so much and could not wish for better role models for our children.”

Ryan’s maternal grandparents played a huge role in his upbringing. The Post-Gazette reported that John and Ann Rizzi lived nearby, “so they helped look out for the boys.”

In his Senate campaign video, Ryan shows son Brady the house where his grandparents used to live. He explains that family dinners were held there every Sunday. Ryan also praised his grandfather as the person “everyone turned to” when they needed support.

In a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Ryan spoke about his grandfather’s commitment to supporting all union members. John Rizzi was a steelworker for four decades, Ryan said. Ryan recalled a moment with his grandfather that caught his eye:

Ryan detailed this story during a campaign trail speech in August 2022; the media company “More Perfect Union” shared the speech here.

Ryan’s grandparents helped raise him in the Catholic faith. In a 2014 speech on mindfulness at the University of Virginia, Ryan recalled that John and Ann Rizzi prayed often. “My grandparents always prayed the rosary. I would ride my bike to their house and the radio would be off, the TV would be off, they would sit in their house and, uh, pray the rosary.”

Ryan has one sibling. His brother Allen Leroy Ryan Jr. is two years his senior. In the 2002 Post-Gazette article, John Rizzi spoke highly of his two grandchildren as children. “They were always together and they were always good. In terms of sport, both were front runners.”

Allen Ryan attended law school and was admitted to the bar in 1997, according to his profile on the Ohio Supreme Court Attorneys’ Directory.

He works for Covelli Enterprises. According to its website, the company is Panera Bread’s “largest franchisee” with more than 300 restaurants in 8 states. Covelli also operates the restaurants of O’Charley’s and Dairy Queens.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Allen Ryan has served as Director of Corporate Affairs for Covelli since 2008.

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