Sunday, June 26, 2022

Cleaners and security guards showed “disrespect” by drinking No.10 employees, finds say

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Boris Johnson has been accused of filling Downing Street with “arrogant, justified narcissists”.

Members of the operations staff were met with a “lack of respect” from colleagues at boisterous Downing Street events, with Ms Gray calling the No 10 officers’ behavior towards cleaning and security staff “unacceptable”.

There were “multiple” examples of “mistreatment” of No.10’s cleaners and security staff by officers attending law-breaking parties, Sue Gray’s damning report revealed.

Boris Johnson publicly apologized to staff for what he described as “absolutely inexcusable” treatment, saying those guilty would either apologize or be “otherwise dispatched”.

However, the Prime Minister has been accused by Labor of blaming culture by filling Downing Street with “arrogant, justified narcissists”.

In her long-awaited report, Ms Gray wrote that employees “had witnessed or been exposed to behavior at work that they had felt concerned about but at times felt unable to properly elevate”.

She continued: “I have been made aware of several examples of disrespect and poor treatment of security and cleaning staff. That was unacceptable.”

She said she’s been “reassured” that the process for raising grievances has changed and she hopes this would “really embed a culture that welcomes and creates opportunities for challenge and speaking up at all levels”.

The revelations came after staff attending parties told the BBC Wardens No 10 – security guards – were “laughed at” as they tried to stop law-breaking parties.

Labor Standards Committee leader Chris Bryant said such treatment was “despicable” and accused Mr Johnson of turning Downing Street into a “cesspool” full of “arrogant, justified narcissists”.

“Most despicable of all is that Sue Gray says she’s seen multiple examples of disrespect and mistreatment of security and housekeeping staff because they knew what the rules meant, even when no one else did,” he said.

“Does [Mr Johnson] show no remorse, no shame, that Downing Street was a cesspool beneath him? Full of arrogant, legitimate narcissists?”

Mr Johnson said he was “appalled” by the details about the treatment of staff and vowed to “ensure” anyone who was treated disrespectfully was given “a proper apology”.

“I was just as surprised and disappointed as anyone in this House when the revelations came about,” he said in the House of Commons.

“Honestly I was appalled by some of the behaviour, particularly when dealing with the security and cleaning staff.

“And I want to apologize to those employees and expect anyone who has behaved in this way to apologize to them as well.”

He described it as “absolutely shameful to be rude to people who help you under any circumstances”.

Lobby Akinnola, a spokesman for Covid-19 Survivors for Justice, said: “Not content with celebrating while he has failed to protect our loved ones, the Prime Minister has ignored and lied to us for months now. He treated us like they treated their cleaners and security guards who questioned their lawbreaking at the time: like we were an inconvenience, like we were dirt.

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