Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Children carried ashore and jet skis found as more people cross the canal

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Young children were carried ashore in Dover on Monday after more people risked death while crossing the English Channel.

They were among dozens of people brought to Kent Harbor aboard a Border Force patrol boat. Many were men, but border guards were also seen leading at least six children up the gangway.

There were also reports that the RNLI recovered a jet ski used to cross the English Channel and towed it ashore in Dungeness.

Monday arrivals come after 1,185 people aboard small boats reached Britain on Thursday, a new record for a single day in the current crisis.

According to the PA News Agency, more than 23,500 people have reached the UK this year after crossing the English Channel on board small boats.

A spate of border crossings over the past two weeks has rekindled tension between Britain and France over how to solve the problem.

The French Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin has blamed the British labor market for luring people into the dangerous crossing.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said Interior Minister Priti Patel was seeking talks with her French counterpart about what else could be done.

He told the French media that NGOs “preventing the work of the gendarmerie” were mostly British and British citizens worked on French soil.

He added: “Smugglers who organize networks and make large sums of money … who exploit the often fragile women and children and are from Africa and the Middle East are often in the UK.”

Downing Street says more action is needed to curb the influx of people crossing the English Channel.

“It is clear that we must continue to work with our French colleagues to prevent these crossings, which endanger lives,” said the spokesman.

“We continue to see France as a close ally of Great Britain. We want to work constructively on solving this problem.

“We are providing funding to the French so that they can step up surveillance, so that they can increase the police presence that is there to prevent these crossings.

“With this investment we have seen an increase in business interruptions and that is to be welcomed, but with the number of crossings we see each day, more needs to be done.”

One gray morning in Dover, a toddler in a light blue hoodie looked around at border guards when it was being carried in the arms of a woman, closely followed by an older child and a man.

Two children and a woman were seen walking to the quay, accompanied by a border guard who patted one of the youths on the shoulder and reassured them.

Another child was seen carried in the arms of an immigration officer when they were picked up from the Hurricane boat.

About 20 miles down the coast at Dungeness, lifeboat crews were seen hauling a jet ski onto the beach.

The RNLI was reportedly called on Monday morning about an incident at sea, which led to suspicions that the jet ski was being used while crossing a canal.

The Coast Guard confirmed that it had coordinated a search and rescue operation following an incident off Kent and sent a lifeboat to the Coast Guard helicopter.

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