Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CDU parliamentary group Vice Connemann – "It has nothing to do with a quota woman"

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More and more CDU top politicians are demanding more influence from women in the party. Now the vice-parliamentary group leader Gitta Connemann warns: A purely symbolic occupation of posts does not bring anything.

The deputy chairman of the Union parliamentary group, Gitta Connemann, calls for more influence from women in the CDU. Connemann told the news portal t-online: “The Union with Angela Merkel as a candidate for chancellor was much more often elected by women than by men. This ended with the Angela Merkel era.” The last federal election represents “a turning point” in this respect.

The future top management should therefore “of course include women – and more than before.” And not for “reasons of proportionality”, but “for reasons of quality”. But Connemann warns at the same time: “This has nothing to do with a quota woman for statistics. The CDU needs this competence more than ever.”

Connemann warns: “The women voters disproportionately turned their backs on the Union. In 2017, 36.5 percent of women placed their trust in the Union, in 2021 only 24 percent. Obviously, the voters no longer felt they were being addressed by the Union – in terms of personnel and content . ”

And she explains: “The CDU is more than a person, than a gender, as a regional association, than an age. The diversity and competence of our members has always made us strong. This must be reflected in the top management.”

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