Saturday, June 25, 2022

CCTV shows a gang of men beating women in the street after spurning advances from sex molests

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A shocking and brutal attack at a restaurant has left Chinese in an uproar, wondering why women in their society aren’t better protected from violent men

Footage of a horrific attack on three women, one of whom rejected unwanted sexual advances, while eating at a restaurant has sparked outrage across China.

CCVT cameras have captured the brutal attack in Tangshan, Hebei province, unleashed when a man attempted to harass a grill shop customer who tried to fend him off.

The man in a green jacket then slaps the woman in the face and when she fights back, a friend comes to her rescue and hits the sex plague in the head with a bottle.

Along with another man, he throws and punches her to the ground while a third thug picks up a chair and tries to slam it onto the reclining woman while another friend tries to shield her from the blow.

When the restaurant manager rushes to intervene, the green-clad man backs down and punches the original woman in the face before she is dragged out of the building by several more crooks, where she is then kicked and kicked mercilessly while one of her friends is thrown to the ground and hits his head on the sidewalk.

Authorities confirmed that two women were taken to hospital after Monday’s (6 June) attack with injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening.

In a later video, the woman who tried to fight off the first attacker is then shown in hospital in poor condition, with bandages around her face and blood spattered across her face and body.

A total of nine suspects have now been arrested on suspicion of the violent assault and “provoking trouble,” Tangshan police said, while the local public security bureau revealed an investigation was underway.

Social media users on China’s Weibo platform were disgusted by the horrific scenes, with one person writing, “How can something like this still happen in 2022? Please prosecute them and do not let any of them escape.”

Another wrote: “I couldn’t stop shaking when I saw the video. I’m desperate.

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“She was just hanging out with friends and didn’t want to be bothered by some random guy. It’s something that could happen to me one day.”

A horrified viewer tweeted: “The crimes that happened in Tangshan are incredibly appalling. We women have to stick together – nobody else is looking out for us.”

Another wrote: “The attack in Tangshan is just one indication that there is a huge culture of violence against women in China that is being silenced.

“I know many older Chinese men who hit their wives in a common way. In some rural areas, the rate of violence against women is close to 60%.”

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