Friday, January 20, 2023

Caught on camera: Thieves target ATMs at businesses across Inland Empire

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LOMA LINDA, California. (KABC) — Surveillance video from Upper Cuts Barbershop in Loma Linda shows thieves getting out of a truck and attempting to break into the shop.

The thieves are targeting transactions with their ATMs.

Anthony Romo works at the hair salon. He says her store has been a target twice.

The first time was a failed attempt but on the second attempt they managed to break in but the result wasn’t what they hoped for.

“They came Monday morning at 3:23am and this time they slammed my door frame, got in with their crowbar, ran to my said ATM and found my ATM was a candy machine. So they all wrapped their harnesses and immediately left,” Romo said.

Papa Joe’s Sports Bar in the Moreno Valley was also targeted.

“Bargained through our window with a crowbar and took a large zip tie and wrapped it around the ATM, hooked it up to their truck and drove off the truck, wrapped everything, put the ties back on there and was gone in less than five minutes.” said Bonnie Taylor, an employee of Papa Joe’s Sports Bar.

Romo and Taylor describe the car as a white Ford Ranger and warn others about the thefts.

“Visible paint damage on the hood, frame damage on the right side of the body, low hitch with a chain hanging down,” Romo said.

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