Saturday, June 25, 2022

Cartel horror as seven brutally treated corpses are dumped at a tourist site with a chilling message

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Seven bodies were found severely mauled and bruised at a tourist hotspot, with the Gulf Cartel appearing to have been involved in the murder of the group of men in another dangerous cartel battle

The brutalized bodies of seven people have been found at a tourist hotspot, with cartel involvement in the deaths more than likely.

Seven dead men were found dumped in the Huasteca region of Mexico, with the beautifully vibrant area taking a nasty turn after the butchered bodies were discovered there.

An ominous message was displayed next to the bodies found at the tourist hotspot, leading to cartel involvement due to the chilling warning left on the bodies.

The message scrawled over the badly damaged bodies points to the involvement of a dangerous Mexican Gulf cartel that tends to operate along the northern US border.

Seven men were left dead and butchered, their bodies dumped at the idyllic tourist spot with a dangerous warning written on the bodies, badly beaten and injured.

The message “This happened to me because I worked with the Gulf” was etched over the bodies found at the tourist attraction.

It’s a likely reference to the ultra-violent Gulf Cartel, which just last month reportedly shut down dozens of towns in northern Colombia because their leader was extradited to the United States.

The chilling message left on the bodies was autographed “Valle’s Operation OB,” in an apparent reference to a rival gang.

Prosecutors in San Luis Potosi said the bodies did not appear to have come from the city of Aquismon, where they were all discovered.

They added that the bodies could have been butchered elsewhere and then transported to the tourist hotspot, the New York Post reported.

The dumping of bodies appears to be another part of the Gulf Cartel’s fear tactics, which DEA ​​Administrator Anne Milgram denounced, saying they used “intimidation and extreme force” to control the area.

Milgram said, “For decades, the Gulf Cartel has used intimidation and extreme violence to maintain control of its territories in northeastern Mexico and smuggle deadly drugs into communities across the United States.”

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