Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer dismembered bodies and collected genitals – at unsuspecting grandmother’s house

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WARNING, SOOTHING CONTENT: Jeffrey Dahmer’s unsuspecting grandmother never guessed that the foul smell wafting through her house was the rotting flesh of corpses hidden by her murderer grandson

Twisted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer committed horrifying murders right under his humble grandmother’s nose.

In all, he killed 17 men and boys during his 13-year reign as one of the world’s most depraved murderers.

Dahmer was sent to live with his grandmother, Catherine Dahmer Milwaukee after being arrested for drunkenness and disorderly conduct – and it was here, in this picturesque home, that he committed some of his most heinous crimes.

The beast, who would have turned 62 today (May 21) had she not been brutally beaten to death in prison, rose to fame after her heinous crimes were exposed.

The twisted criminal once used his bare hands to inflict unimaginable terror on his victims and attempted to rip Steven Tuomi to remove his heart before killing him and sticking him in the trunk of his car.

He brought the body back to his grandmother’s house, cutting it into small pieces over time and discarding everything but the head in the trash.

A few months later, Dahmer smashed Tuomi’s skull into small pieces and scattered it behind the house.

Horrifyingly, the first person Dahmer actually killed at his grandmother’s house was a 14-year-old boy.

The depraved killer lured young James Doxtator with a promise of $50 and strangled him to death, leaving the body in the basement for a full week.

He then dismembered the corpse and again disposed of everything but the head in the trash.

Two months later, Dahmer lured his next victim, 22-year-old Richard Guerrero, again with the same promise of $50.

Once terminally ill, Dahmer would perform sexual acts on the corpse before immediately dismembering and disposing of it.

His grandmother began to worry about the bad smells emanating from the rooms of the house – but apparently didn’t realize it was the rotting flesh of his victims.

Despite Dahmer repeatedly urging him to move out, he was unable to secure an apartment and continued to live and kill in his grandmother’s house.

Dahmer lured Anthony Sears into his grandmother’s house a year after the assassination of Richard Guerrero.

He carried out his usual routine of murder and dismemberment, but decided to preserve Sear’s genitals and head.

Dahmer brought this with him when he moved into his own apartment in May 1990. After the move, he murdered 12 more people.

Dahmer didn’t just murder the men he killed — the brute performed wicked games, including injecting hydrochloric acid directly into the skull to make his own “sex zombie” and ripping out hearts with his bare hands .

The monster was motivated by a desire to take total control of those he was attracted to, and this manifested in shocking outbursts of brutality.

One of Dahmer’s most gruesome killings was inflicted on 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, who tragically met his fate through the serial killer’s needle.

While some of his victims were being strangled, Dahmer kept Konerak alive while drilling a hole in the back of his head and injecting acid into the front of his brain.

He performed other crazy experiments on the teenager while acting out crazy sex fantasies before finally dismembering him and storing his body in acid.

Another tragic death was Steven Hicks, the very first person to be killed in Dahmer’s shooting spree.

He was a hitchhiker fresh out of high school when he met Dahmer before being beaten with a barbell and choked to death.

Although Dahmer initially buried Steven in his garden, he later dug up the remains to skin them and smash his bones with a sledgehammer.

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