Sunday, October 17, 2021

California’s largest union head resigns due to aggravated theft and fraud

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The executive director of the state’s largest union has resigned after California Attorney General Rob Bonta charged her and her husband with a range of criminal offenses, including aggravated theft, embezzlement, tax evasion and perjury.


In a statement Wednesday, the 700,000-member Service Employees International Union California said it had accepted Alma Hernandez’s resignation.


“Any misuse of funds is unacceptable and we pledge to redouble our efforts to ensure that all officials and employees adhere to the highest ethical and financial conduct,” the union said.


The announcement of their resignation came hours after Bonta announced that Hernandez and her husband, Jose Moscoso, were indicted on October 4 on an inter-agency investigation into allegations that the couple committed crimes dating back at least as far as 2014.


According to the 13-point indictment, the couple failed to report an income of more than $ 1.4 million between 2014 and 2018. Hernandez is also accused of paying her husband thousands of dollars for services he failed to perform while she was the Working Families treasurer for Solorio. served for the 2013 Senate PAC.


The indictment also accuses Moscoso of failing to report that he employed multiple workers for his air duct cleaning company, resulting in unreported wages exceeding $ 300,000 and not reporting payroll taxes.


Both suspects are faced with five incidents of false income tax filing for evasion and are charged with a specific grave economic crime charge with a loss of over $ 100,000.


Separately, Hernandez faces two cases of aggravated theft and one perjury, while Moscoso faces once for failing to file a complaint with the Employment Development Office, once for non-payment of unemployment insurance and training tax, and once for non-payment of disability insurance, a case of the Failure to submit income tax return and a case of failure to collect and pay income tax.


“We are deeply concerned about the allegations against Alma Hernandez,” the union said, adding that it will and will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities.


Bonta credited the unions for being an integral part of California, but the working people deserve leaders they can count on and trust.


“If there is reason to believe that trust has been broken and crimes have been committed, it is our ethical duty to investigate – we owe it to the people of California,” he said in a statement.


SEIU California said it has named Tia Orr as interim general manager.

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