Sunday, June 26, 2022

Brown Bear beats hunter to death in “Revenge Attack” while “smashing” guy’s skull.

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WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT A 62-year-old hunter shot and mortally wounded a bear, but the beast took revenge on him and crushed his skull, killing him in a Russian forest

A vengeful bear has killed a 62-year-old hunter by crushing his skull after the man shot and mortally wounded the animal.

Illustrative images coming out of Russia show the man’s body lying near the beast’s carcass.

According to the Interfax news agency, the unnamed hunter shot and wounded the predator from a platform in a tree in the Tulun district of the Irkutsk region.

Perhaps believing the brown bear to be dead, he descended from the tree only to be attacked and killed by the beast in his final act.

“As a 62-year-old man climbed down, the mortally wounded bear attacked and killed him,” Interfax reported.

“The carcass of the animal was found 50 meters from where the man died.”

The hunter’s skull was “smashed” and he suffered claw and fang wounds in the furious attack.

“The mortally wounded predator managed to inflict an injury from which the hunter died,” said the regional office of the Russian Interior Ministry.

The hunter had been reported missing, so officers managed to track him down.

The macabre scene was located after a search party was organized in the Siberian region.
However, bear attacks in Russia are common.

Last year, a tragic teenager was mauled to death by a bear that devoured “half his body” while taking a shortcut to more dangerous trails in a Russian national park.

Two other tourists were confronted by the ferocious predator nine hours later as they went to search for the 16-year-old tour guide and were confronted by the bear, which pounced on them.

One of the men managed to stab the animal in the neck several times with a penknife before it played dead, and the other rushed back to sound the alarm.

Ergaki National Park inspectors made a grim discovery when they discovered the bear lying on the half-eaten body of the 16-year-old boy about 500 meters from the tourist camp in the Sayan Mountains.

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