Sunday, May 8, 2022

British prisoner protected Skinny Lag with ‘erect penis’ tattoo in US ‘Hell Hole’ prison.

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Jamie Morgan Kane has been incarcerated in some of America’s toughest prisons and told all of his stories in a new book, Behind the Granite Walls. He shared how he gave a “skinny” inmate the means to survive indoors

A Brit who has spent over three decades in some of the United States’ harshest prisons has revealed how he protected another lag who was left with an embarrassing tattoo.

Jamie Morgan Kane was imprisoned in 1984 after pleading guilty to first-degree murder in the States.

After serving 34.5 years in the US prison system, he was released from custody after serving time for a crime he now claims he did not commit.

Now he has revealed all about his time inside in a brilliant new book, Behind the Granite Walls.

In it, we learn of a moment when Jamie helped a fellow inmate early on in his time in the Klinch.

After Jamie was placed in a special housing unit — a special section of prisons known for serious crimes like murder and rape, known as SHU — he quickly found a boyfriend.

He writes: “It was around this time that I met a young white man who had been tattooed by some cousins. Unfortunately, this particular tattoo caused grief to many of the other inmates.

“He was just a skinny kid and the tattoo on his left shoulder was a big rooster with an erect penis prominently displayed.”

This caused the boy some trouble as Jamie had to step in to prevent him from being molested in and around the prison showers.

In a moment like this Jamie had an aha moment to help the poor guy out after hearing why he was given a cock with a visible penis as a permanent piece of art.

Jamie explains in the book, “He wanted (a tattoo) but his cousins ​​got him drunk and instead of doing what he wanted they gave him this as a joke. I decided to give him some advice.

“I told him that you should wear it as a badge of honor instead of being ashamed of it. Then go away and leave her with that thought.”

“He suddenly smiled and I saw his shoulders fall back. He owned it now and I knew he would be fine.”

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In an amazing twist, Jamie had heard about the same guy 35 years after his release from prison.

He had reached out to thank Jamie for his help after seeing his first book 34 years in hell.

Jamie has since claimed he was framed for the crime – saying he returned to his native America to find a dead body before disposing of the body.

The ex-convict, now 68, calls Gateshead’s home and eventually managed to register his birth – some 68 years after he was sold as a baby and taken to Canada.

Behind The Granite Walls published by Mirror Books £8.99 is on sale now and available to buy from Amazon.

Jamie is also the author of 34 Years In Hell, another Mirror Books publication that goes into more detail about his interactions with Charles Manson.

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