Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Bloke calls the court about his license revoked – while driving

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A video on Reddit shows Mr. Burns being questioned by Judge Erane Washington on why he “drove to court while suspended.” He claimed he had “parked a friend’s car”.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen a long list of zoom outages in the past two years, but this could possibly be the worst.

Kevon Burns made the bizarre decision to attend his virtual trial for his revoked driver’s license – while driving.

A video on Reddit shows Mr. Burns being questioned by Judge Erane Washington on why he “drove to court while suspended.”

After claiming he was just “parking one of friends’ cars,” Mr. Burns replied, “Are you having a bad day?”

Judge Washington said, “I haven’t had a bad day until you started talking while you were driving while you were suspended.”

The incident took place at the 14-B District Court in Missouri, presided over by Judge Washington.

The 36-second video clip exploded on Reddit’s Facepalm thread with 395 comments and 22,000 views.

One user wrote: “Imagine if you were stupid enough to 1) commit a crime after being punished for something similar 2) film yourself doing it 3) talk live on the phone to a judge who knows that You are not allowed to drive. “

Another told a very personal and funny story about his experience with the American driver’s license system.

He said, “I live in South Carolina and didn’t get my driver’s license until I was an adult.

“I failed pretty much everything while driving (there wasn’t even a written part, lol) when it came to her asking me questions while driving. I always messed up a lot and apologized. The lady was obviously quite annoyed with me when we got back to the DMV.

“She took a deep breath, sighed deeply and asked me how old I was, to which I replied,” 25 mam “and she just gave me a disappointed look and said, ‘Well, I think you passed then’.”

And to top it off, WheelNSnipeNCelly pointed out that Mr. Burns may have gotten into hotter water with his actions.

They wrote, “Remember, by filming yourself committing this crime, he is committing another crime (distracted driving).”

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