Tuesday, June 28, 2022

‘Big-headed fake Putin’ used by Kremlin to cover up President’s ‘secret operation’

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Putin’s head appeared to be too big for his body at a meeting the day after claims the president had undergone surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen

Vladimir Putin has successfully undergone surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen, according to a Russian opposition source – and a “fake” version of the president has been used to cover it up.

Although there was no independent confirmation of the treatment, the General SVR Telegram Channel claimed that the Russian President’s procedure was successful.

The channel has repeatedly claimed for more than 18 months that Putin – who will be 70 in October – has stomach cancer, among a host of other health problems.

The Kremlin’s claims that he is in good health contradict a flurry of global speculation about his condition in recent months.

Many believe his judgment may be impaired, especially since he has led Russia into a war with Ukraine that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

There have been claims in the West that his actions may have been influenced by steroids prescribed for an ailment.

General SVR Telegram said the procedure to remove fluid from his abdominal cavity was separate from a cancer-related operation he is said to undergo soon.

If true, the procedure came the night before an odd video in which Putin’s head appeared to be too big for his body as he addressed the opening of a virtual Security Council session with a bland introduction.

The channel claimed this was recorded before the meeting and “deepfake technology” was used to make it appear that Putin was at the online meeting when he was not.

“On the night of Thursday May 12-Friday May 13, Putin underwent surgery to remove fluid from the abdominal cavity,” said the broadcaster, which claims to have insider knowledge of the Kremlin.

“The surgery went well with no complications.

“Please note that this procedure is not the surgical procedure recommended for the President and has yet to be performed.”

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If this is true, then the procedure took place on the night of the 39th birthday of his “beloved” Alina Kabaeva.

Later on May 13, he spoke to Chancellor Olaf Scholz by phone.

The anti-Putin channel’s claims about his medical problems are said to be based on “intelligence information” from an exiled Kremlin lieutenant general known by the pseudonym Viktor Mikhailovich.

The removal of fluid from his abdomen could indicate serious medical problems, but there are no details as to why he might have undergone the surgery.

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