Sunday, June 26, 2022

Bearhammers mate to death in a terrifying attack before feasting on their flesh

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WARNING: SOOTHING CONTENT: A husband and wife were beaten to death by a sloth bear and feasted on their carcasses for four hours in Panna National Park, India over the weekend

A couple were beaten to death, then their bodies were devoured by a sloth bear in a savage forest murder.

The unsuspecting couple, Mukesh Rai and his wife Gudiya, were walking home through a wooded area when they were devastated by the beast before feeding on their carcasses for more than four hours.

The attack took place in Panna, India, when Mukesh, 43, and Gudiya, 39, spotted the animal and reportedly tried to confront it before the brutal attack around 6.30am on Sunday (June 5).

They were then devastated by the creature as it ripped up their bodies before feeding on the carcasses, the Times of India reports

After the attack, the bear reportedly dragged their bodies towards a river before feasting on them for more than four hours before police arrived at the scene.

It took officers a further two hours to calm and capture the bear, which was transported to a zoo while the couple’s loved ones received Rs 400,000 (£4,000) in financial support.

Divisional Forest Officer Gaurav Sharma told DNA India: “The animal will not be released in the forest and we plan to send it to a zoo in another city.”

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Sloths can grow up to 6 feet and have been known to react aggressively to humans if they — a 310-pound animal — feel threatened or frightened.

A 2015 review of attacks in central India found that 48 victims of sloth bear attacks suffered the most facial and scalp injuries.

Sloth bears are responsible for more deaths than polar bears or grizzly bears, and attacks can result in victims having their faces ripped off if they survive – and their corpses eaten if they don’t.

The shaggy, dusty and unkempt creature lives in the forests of South Asia and has a very misleading name as they share few traits with the sloth.

They are agile bears who can run faster than a human and will attack if caught off guard, leaving many survivors with life-changing injuries.

Even tigers can back down in confrontations with the sharp-clawed, fearless beasts.

The weekend’s attack comes after chilling footage showed the moment a man was ravaged by a rampaging bear as it attacked him for killing a couple.

Baipilli Urvasi, 50, and her husband Tirupathi Rao, 55, were beaten to death when the deadly beast pounced on them in an orchard in India.

The villagers continued to attack the brown bear and the huge animal could be seen fighting back.

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