Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bear breaks into a Wisconsin vacation home while the family sleeps

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Wisconsin Department of Conservation chief Tim Werner was called to the vacation home near Crivitz when an Illinois family woke up to find a bear had entered through a kitchen window.

June 22 (News) — A Wisconsin conservation officer was called to a vacation home where a black bear burst through an open window while a family slept.

“The bear could actually punch through the screen and come in, eat some food in the kitchen and then finally work his way into the main bathroom,” Werner told WBAY-TV.

The family managed to lock the bear in the bathroom and escape from the house.

“Our original plan was to actually try and funnel this bear – open the bathroom door, use some furniture to direct it to the front door and let it out that way. Unfortunately, the bear didn’t cooperate with us and didn’t want to come out of the bathroom,” said Werner.

Werner finally used an arresting rod to force the guy out of the house. Werner’s bear martial arts video was shot by Shane Gyger.

“I’ve dealt with wolves and lynx and other animals that have been caught in traps and helped release them, but as far as releasing a bear from a home is a first,” said Werner.

Guests at a California Airbnb were recently faced with a similar situation when a bear entered the home in the Northstar area through a window.

The California Highway Patrol said officers arrived and found an “extremely aggressive bear” entered through an open window and occupants locked themselves in other rooms to hide from the animal.

The bear “destroyed the house looking for food,” the CHP said. “The bear attacked the officers several times before they were able to get him outside again.”

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