Sunday, June 26, 2022

Barista scalds after ‘racist’ customer throws boiling hot coffee in his face

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The shocking attack, caught on the cafe’s CCTV, began when the “aggressive” customer tried to pay for a stranger’s drink and she refused

CCTV cameras captured the shocking moment when a café customer threw two cups of boiling hot coffee in the face of a barista.

Police in Sydney, Australia, have launched a hunt for the man, described as in his 30s and of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance, who attacked the employee and yelled a series of racial slurs at him.

The incident at the Soul Bowl coffee shop in Rosehill, Sydney, began when the man tried to charm a fellow customer by paying for her drink.

The woman refused, but he persisted and became abusive – trying to force the store clerk to take payment.

The man then insulted the Nepal-born barista with a series of insults and called him a “fucking Indian dog”.

Finally, he threw two mugs of scalding hot coffee in the worker’s face, leaving him both scalded and deeply shaken.

In an effort to track down the culprit, Soul Bowl’s owner, Lily, posted footage of the horrific incident on the store’s Instagram account.

“Disgusting is an understatement. We feel sick. Furious!’ She wrote.

“If someone just wakes up on the wrong side of life and takes it out on our employees, making them feel insecure, we absolutely WILL NOT TOLERATE!”

“The barista took on the physical part of the incident like a man, but the abuse, verbal abuse and racial slurs really hurt him,” she told the Daily Mail Australia.

“When I arrived, he was close to tears.”

Although he wasn’t seriously injured, the barista’s clothes were soaked in coffee and Lily suggested he take the rest of the day off.

Instead, the worker – who had been with Soul Bowl since it opened three years ago – called his wife, who brought him a clean shirt.

Sydney Police have urged anyone with information to get in touch with them and Lily said he has already been identified by several other clients.

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