Wednesday, October 27, 2021

At least 46 dead after fire set fire to a 13-story building in southern Taiwan

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According to the authorities in Taiwan, nearly 50 people died on Thursday after a fire broke out in a 13-story building.


The fire broke out early Thursday in the building in the Yancheng District of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, officials said.


At least 46 people died and dozen were injured, authorities said.


The fire is believed to be the deadliest in Taiwan in decades. Officials were working to determine if others were trapped in the building.


It is not yet known what triggered the fire. The fire brigade fought the fire for hours on Thursday.


Investigators are investigating reports that some of the upper floors were home to dozens of low-income residents, including the elderly and the disabled. The building was also reported to be popular with squatters, they said.


The building, the third largest in Kaohsiung, began to deteriorate after another fire in 1999 and parts of it remained uninhabited. Restaurants, lounges and a cinema once populated the building in its heyday.


Recent pictures of the building showed its dangerous security conditions, including exposed power lines, debris, and crumbling water pipes.


A similar fire in a so-called “ghost building” in Oakland, California in 2016 killed 36 people.

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