Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Asia’s El Chapo’ pal arrested for human trafficking after 10 years on most wanted list

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Chung Chak Lee, 66, was extradited to Australia from Thailand on Saturday for his alleged role in The Company, a $23 billion drug empire, where he was the right-hand man to the top dog

The alleged right-hand man of “Asia’s El Chapo” has been arrested for drug trafficking after spending over a decade on Australia’s most wanted list

Chung Chak Lee, 66, was extradited from Thailand to Australia on Saturday for his alleged role in The Company, a $23 billion-a-year drug empire.

Lee is said to be second only to Chi Lop Tse, known as Asia’s El Chapo, Mail Online reported.

The company is believed to be responsible for up to 70 percent of Australia’s meth from Asia, the same title says.

Australian police have spent more than a decade hunting for Lee, who was sixth on Australia’s most wanted list.

He was arrested in Bangkok in October 2020 and spent 18 months in a Thai jail before being extradited on a Singapore Airlines flight to Melbourne last week.

The 66-year-old arrived in Australia in designer clothes and sunglasses and appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Saturday afternoon charged with dealing in a commercial quantity of drugs.

His legal aid attorney declared a conflict of interest, so the case was postponed to ensure Lee could seek appropriate representation.

“This is a significant milestone after years of diligent investigative work by AFP and our partners,” Krissy Barrett, Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner for Southern Command, told the Daily Telegraph.

“We will allege that the man is a senior criminal associate of the head of a prolific transnational organized crime syndicate involved in trafficking commercial quantities of border-controlled drugs within Australia and around the world.

“The Australian Federal Police has an international network of partners committed to prosecuting and bringing criminals to justice.

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“If you commit a crime, you have nowhere to hide. AFP has the resources and patience to track you down.”

Lee is believed to be a close associate of Tse Chi Lop, one of the world’s largest meth dealers – and the number one target of the Australian Federal Police.

The Chinese-born Canadian now faces extradition to Australia, where he could face trial for drug trafficking.

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