Saturday, June 25, 2022

Andre denies he is “considering legal action” over Vardy’s chipolata neck

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Peter Andre has denied considering legal action to stop Rebekah Vardy’s claims that his manhood has been likened to a repeated ‘chipolata’.

During the High Court defamation trial of Wagatha Christie between Vardy and Coleen Rooney, Ms Vardy was asked about her lengthy interview in which she claimed she had an affair with the former pop star in 2001.

According to reports in the Email onlineMr Andre, 49, is upset at the allegations initially made News from all over the world were dredged up again in 2004 and he received no warning that they were about to become involved in Ms Vardy’s court battle.

“If a man had said that about her anatomy and made something up – you can use your imagination and say something very unflattering – there would be outrage. There would be absolute outrage,” Mr Andre said in his first response to the remarks.

“Because it was said about me, it was the butt of all jokes. I’ve been taking it for 15 years.”

A source said Daily Mail The Mysterious Girl singer has no recollection of meeting up with Ms Vardy at a hotel in Buckinghamshire.

“Pete doesn’t remember meeting her, much less anything else,” they said. “He was raised by his friends, but they knew the chipolata slur was the opposite of the truth.

“Now he’s a father and he has a wife and he just doesn’t think that’s true. He is considering legal action against Rebekah.”

The insider told the newspaper he has yet to decide whether to go through with it, “but he’s very upset.”

Mr Andre recently raised the issue of Loose Women and told the panel he was tired of it being brought up again.

He told the panel: “It’s not the fact that something was said because we all say stupid things. That’s because it’s brought up over and over again, eventually you kind of say “OK”.

“It’s going to be more than that. OK, we all say stupid things, everyone does it. I’m sure I’ve said a lot of stupid things in my life.”

Ms Vardy told the High Court during her defamation trial that she apologized to Mr Andre for remarking on his manhood.

She said she sent Mr Andre and his wife “personal messages a couple of years ago” to address the comments in the News of the World article.

She also claimed that it had “a lot of stuff in it that didn’t come out of my mouth that was misrepresented.”

She added, “It is one of my biggest regrets” that she told the court she was “very young at the time.”

Peter Andre’s representatives told LatestPageNews that the claims were “not at all true at this point”.

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