Saturday, June 25, 2022

Alicia Kenny, Missing Loveland, Ohio Woman: 5 quick facts you need to know

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Alicia Kenny is a missing woman from Loveland, Ohio. The 23-year-old was reported missing when she failed to return home from a nature walk, police said.

Kenny is 5 feet 1 inches tall, weighs 110 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes, Loveland Police said. She was last seen near Lebanon Road in Loveland on Saturday evening June 11, 2022. According to police, she was wearing dark trousers, a white shirt and sandals. Authorities asked anyone with information about her disappearance to call Northeast Communications at 513-677-7000.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kenny’s mother Marcy spoke to Fox 19 about her daughter’s disappearance and said she has not slept since her daughter’s disappearance. She told the news outlet she was “barely holding out.”

“The fear, the fear… there’s a lot of fear,” she told Fox.

Her loved ones recently shared pictures of Kenny on social media, highlighting her tattoos to identify her. On one forearm she has a tattoo that reads “In Spirit and in Truth” along with a cross. She has a large tiger tattoo on her left shoulder.

Police said Kenny was frequently spotted in parks. They said they didn’t have their own vehicle.

Kenny’s Facebook page often featured positive messages, including Bible verses, photos from a friend’s wedding, and a birthday post for a woman she described as her “second mother.”

“Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special woman in my life!” she wrote. “…you are such a great blessing to everyone around you! You make the world a better place with your kindness, positivity and LOVE which is contagious! 🥰 I am so blessed to know you and your beautiful family. You loved me and treated me like a daughter and I look at you like a second mother. Thank you for being you!!! Have a wonderful day.”

“I can’t believe I never saw that. You are such a sweet girl and truly a good person,” the woman wrote in response. “We love you.”

Kenny wrote another Facebook post, congratulating her “two favorite lovebirds” on their wedding.

“To a happy ending,” she wrote. “#They did.”

Kenny’s mother, Marcy, told Fox 19 that her daughter had made several calls before she disappeared, asking friends to pick her up.

“On Saturday she tried to contact people to pick her up because she’s not driving. She asked them to pick her up from Loveland and nobody wanted and now she’s gone,” she told the news outlet.

Fox 19 reported on the evening of June 14, 2022 that agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations were called in to assist local police with their investigation.

A delivery driver found Kenny’s backpack on his route and turned it over to police, according to Fox 19. However, he could not tell authorities where he found him and said he was somewhere on his route.

Kenny’s mother said she couldn’t think of an explanation for why her daughter was willingly leaving her backpack behind.

“I can’t think of a scenario where she would leave her backpack behind,” she told the news outlet. “…Everything is separate from her now…so she’s been out there with just the clothes on her back for two days.”

A woman who described herself as Kenny’s “lifelong bestie” in a Facebook post was one of many relatives who reported the young woman’s disappearance.

“Latest pics of Alicia Kenny everyone please keep an eye out for my lifelong bestie. She knows she can call me if she needs me so please if anyone sees or speaks to her,” she wrote. “I’ll be right there.”

“LICIA WE NEED YOU,” she wrote in another post. “Everybody please don’t stop sharing or searching. she is so loved.”

Another friend wrote a post saying that if the story is shared enough, information will be revealed.

“Please don’t stop looking!!!!! She’s out there somewhere. Someone knows something about her whereabouts. Keep sharing,” she wrote. “Alicia Kenny – we all love you and just want you to get home safe. You are greater than anything you go through, anything life throws at you. I promise everything will be fine, just come home!!!!!”

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