Monday, August 8, 2022

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party MPs have been kicked out of the Commons Chamber for disrupting PMQs

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The chaos delayed the start of the PMQs

The enraged Speaker of the House of Commons warned the two MPs before naming them and throwing them out of the chamber.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle has kicked two Alba MPs out of the Commons chamber for refusing to sit down and causing disruption by shouting at Boris Johnson over Scotland’s independence.

Neale Hanvey, Scottish MP and leader of the Alba Party in the House of Commons, and Kenny MacAskill, Alba Party MP for East Lothian, were the two MPs sacked for disrupting the House of Commons.

The Alba party is led by former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and is pushing for an independent Scotland.

Mr MacAskill could be heard attempting to raise a point of order and appeared to say: “We need a referendum, Prime Minister” before being drowned out by other MPs.

The MP refused to sit down and continued speaking, prompting Sir Lindsay to act.

Mr Hanvey then rose and could not be heard over heckling from Tory MPs before being subsequently ordered to leave the chamber.

The chaos delayed the start of the PMQs and those in the chamber said it was impossible to hear what the two MPs were saying.

The Alba party has since said its protest in the House of Commons was in response to the UK government’s blocking of a second Scottish independence referendum.

In a press release issued shortly after the two MPs were ousted, the couple said the couple pledged that “Scotland’s voice is being heard” despite the “continuing veto by a discredited Prime Minister of a Section 30 order, which was an amicable and legal one.” Scottish independence referendum would enable”.

Mr Hanvey and Mr MacAskill have also jointly written to Mr Johnson, describing his refusal to confer the necessary powers to hold a legal referendum on Holyrood as a “egregious affront to Scottish democracy and the people of Scotland”.

“Any decision contrary to the will of the Scottish people must not stand as it flouts the democratic mandate for this referendum which the Scottish people have given to their elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament,” they wrote.

“As a self-appointed ‘Minister for the Union’ you must recognize that this Union is a voluntary Union and was intended as a Union of Equals and as such can only be maintained with the consent of the Scottish people.

“You should be aware that the hijacking of Scottish democracy is something the Scottish people will not accept.

“Scotland cannot and will not be held hostage in a Union totally detached from the needs, realities and aspirations of its people.”

When he founded the Alba Party last year, Mr Salmond said its aim was to increase the “urgency” of efforts to secure a second independence vote and that its tactics could include “direct action”.

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