Sunday, October 17, 2021

Al Capone’s favorite weapon sells for £ 700,000 at a huge auction of the gangster’s personal items

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Chicago’s most famous gangster, Al Capone, ruled the city for much of the 1920s before he was imprisoned in Alcatraz – all those years later with his personal effects valued at over $ 3 million (£ 2.2 million).

Al Capone’s favorite weapon sold for more than $ 1 million (£ 730,000) and became the most expensive item in his personal collection at auction.

The legendary Colt .45 pistol was reportedly passed on from Alpha Al to his wife Mae, who gave it to their son Sonny, who gave it to his daughters before his death in 2004.

The “A Century of Notority: The Estate of Al Capone” auction took place on Friday at the Witherell auction house in Sacramento, Northern California.

Other headlines included a color photo of his wife holding a terrier that he allegedly held on to while incarcerated in Alcatraz.

Capone died of a heart attack in Florida in 1947 at the age of 48.

In total, the items sold for well over $ 3.1 million (£ 2.28 million) with 1,500 registered bidders in attendance.

It was overseen by Capone’s family, including granddaughter Diane.

Capone’s Colt was priced at $ 860,000 (£ 631,000), but including a 21 percent buyer’s fee, the total was $ 1.04 million (£ 760,000).

House co-founder Brian Witherell said there were several six-figure offers for the gun when the auction was first announced in August.

Brian said in a statement: “The final sale price, along with the record number of registered bidders, has completely exceeded our expectations.

“It really speaks for the notoriety and appeal of Al Capone, who is better known today than it was 100 years ago.”

The second most expensive item was another of Capone’s guns, a 1908 semi-automatic pistol that cost just under $ 250,000 (£ 184,000).

Another important item was a handwritten letter he wrote to Sonny in prison.

It showed the unexpectedly delicate side of Capone.

The letter of March 5, 1939 reads: “To my dear son, good son of my heart, here is my dear father who loves you with all his heart and is proud to have a son who is as clever as you.

“Give mother a nice big kiss for me and God bless you both. Your dear father Alphonse Capone.”

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After his release from prison in 1939, Capone suffered from a number of illnesses, including syphilis.

Capone was as famous for his cunning ability to evade the law as he was for his notorious ruthlessness.

Able to keep his fingers clear of all violent crimes – including the immortal massacre on Valentine’s Day of 1929 – Capone was eventually jailed at the age of 33 for five tax evasion.

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