Sunday, October 17, 2021

After the attack in Norway, bow expert: "Need practice to take such shots"

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In Kongsberg, Norway, a man is said to have killed five people with a bow and arrow. The head of the German Archery Association believes: The alleged perpetrator was trained on the device.

The head of the German Archery Association was dismayed by the terrorist attack carried out with a bow and arrow in Norway. “We feel for the victims and are shocked that something like this can happen at all,” said Karl Jungblut of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. A man had killed five people and injured three others in the small town of Kongsberg on Wednesday evening. A 37-year-old Dane was arrested.

There were isolated calls on Twitter for a tightening of the weapons law for bows and arrows in Germany. In this country the bow is basically a firearm, but it can be used as a piece of sports equipment without a permit. The provisions of the Weapons Act and Weapons Ordinance do not apply to bows. They can therefore be acquired and transported without a gun license.

“You can’t forbid a hammer, because people are sometimes killed with it. You can’t forbid kitchen knives either. As bad as that is, you are never immune from an object being misused,” said Jungblut. He assumes that the shooter had “a certain amount of training”.

“It takes practice to carry out such shots in a targeted manner and with sufficient strength that someone can be seriously injured at a greater distance.” According to Jungblut, up to 25,000 archers are organized in clubs in Germany. Another 10,000 are regularly active independently of the association.

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