Monday, November 29, 2021

After accusation Trump companion Steve Bannon surrenders to the FBI

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Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was charged Friday with disregard for Congress. Now he has been arrested. The right-wing populist was anything but insightful.

Former chief strategist of ex-President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, has surrendered to the authorities after being charged with disregard for Congress. The Federal Police FBI announced that Bannon appeared in the Washington office of the agency on Monday and was arrested. He was expected to appear in federal court later that day.

The right-wing populist was emphatically combative: “That’s all noise,” said Bannon of the charges. His followers should focus on another message: “We are bringing down the Biden regime.”

The 67-year-old was charged on Friday for disobeying Congress on two counts. Bannon is accused of defying the House of Representatives summons to forcibly storm the Capitol, the US Department of Justice said on Friday. In addition, he did not provide the body with the required documents.

If convicted, Bannon could face a prison sentence of at least 30 days and up to a year per charge. He could also face a fine.

After Bannon refused to cooperate in the investigation, the House of Representatives and a majority of the Democrats paved the way for criminal action against him in late October. The decision on a possible charge was then the responsibility of the Justice Department.

Supporters of the Republican Trump stormed the seat of the US Congress on January 6, when the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election on November 3, 2020 was to be certified there. Five people were killed, including a police officer, in the riots in Washington that day.

Trump had to face impeachment proceedings because of the attack because he had previously incited his supporters in a speech. In the end, however, he was acquitted. Bannon, in turn, is suspected of having had prior knowledge of plans for violent protests. The day before he said in his podcast, among other things: “Tomorrow all hell breaks loose.”

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