Saturday, November 27, 2021

Activists are calling for cheaper rail travel, as rail is still significantly more expensive than flights to Europe

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“The train should be cheaper and it should be more expensive to fly,” said Bruce Williamson of Railfuture, a rail campaign group

With COP26 pledges to curb global warming, the cost of more sustainable rail travel from Europe to the UK remains prohibitive, according to an analysis by I.

Rail travel is significantly more expensive than a flight from vacation hotspots like Spain, France and Italy as well as other destinations like the Netherlands and Germany.

The results come after Greenpeace urged European governments to increase train traffic to reduce air pollution caused by aircraft.

“There is a simple way that Europeans can reduce their CO2 emissions: when you travel around the continent, prefer the train to the plane, and make it easier and cheaper for the people,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

The European Commission launched the European Year of Rail 2021 to make people aware of the benefits of using rail transport.

The initiative still has a long way to go, however, because according to EU statistics, only 8 percent of the land routes in the European Union are covered by rail.

Data comparing cross-border travel is not widely available, but according to EU statistics, only 6.5 million international rail journeys from Germany made up in 2019, compared to 110 million by air.

“The rail tariffs are completely under the control of the governments. We have said for the past 12 years that rail fares should be cheaper, but the UK government has frozen fuel taxes and now makes flying cheaper. The train should be cheaper and it should be more expensive to fly, ”said Bruce Williamson of Railfuture, a rail campaign group.

I compared prices for a family of five traveling from London to destinations across the continent for Christmas between December 22nd and 29th. Rail tickets and discounts were not included in the prices.

In most cases, the train journey took at least a day, while flights to London were completed in three hours.

London to Madrid: Flights of 2.5 hours with Ryanair one-way and British Airways return costs € 1,739 while train tickets would be € 2,741.77 and would take about 24 hours to travel via Paris.

London to Seville: Flights with Ryanair cost € 1,572.90 while train tickets would cost € 2,630.63.

London to Barcelona: Flights for the family would be with EasyJet one-way and Ryanair return € 1,026 while train tickets would cost € 1,801.68.

London to Marseille: Flights with Ryanair cost € 1,694while the same train journey costs € 1,971.73 with a change in Paris.

London to Bordeaux Flights with EasyJet outbound and Ryanair return flights come too € 1,529, while the train ride costs € 2,001.51.

London to Lyon: Round-trip tickets with EasyJet costs € 1,499, while traveling by train costs € 1,794.97.

London to Rome: The flight is € 1,548 with Wizz Air and ITA Airways, while train tickets £. costs2,375.39.

London to Venice: Flights are only £ 668 with Ryanair while a train ride is via Paris € 1,895.98.

London to Florence: The cheapest flights are € 1,098 Ryanair one-way and EasyJet back to Pisa, while family train tickets cost £2,052.39.

London to Cologne: Flights with Ryanair are £ 522 back while the train costs € 1,159.00 with a change in Brussels.

London to Amsterdam: Flights come after £ 269 with Easyjet, round-trip train tickets cost £747.66.

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