Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Predator-style thermal imaging camera shows drones dropping bombs on fleeing Russian troops

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WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: The Ukrainian army has tracked down a small group of Russian soldiers who fled on foot during the night. The drone dropped two bombs on them as soon as they spotted movement in the forest

A chilling video shows Ukrainian soldiers dropping bombs on Russian troops while conducting a “predator-style” hunt with infrared cameras.

Footage shared by Ukraine’s 47th Motorized Infantry Battalion showed the Russian soldiers fleeing for their lives as they escaped into the forest, apparently after hearing an approaching drone.

Infrared cameras on the drone pick up signals showing the whereabouts of the Russians in the forest while the Ukrainian army searches for them in a “night hunt.”

The small team follows a narrow path before disbanding individually.

Seconds later, the drone drops two bombs on a soldier hiding in the bush, unleashing a huge plume of smoke.

It’s not certain when or where the footage was taken, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his troops were “fighting literally for every yard” in the capital, Kyiv.

Further north, there were indications that Ukraine was launching a counterattack against Russian forces near Izyum – previously the main thrust of the Donbass offensive before a southward push toward Sloviansk faltered.

NASA satellites trained to track fires showed fires in a wooded area west of Izyum late Saturday and into Sunday – an indication of shelling in the area.

In Bakhmut, Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast, a dead Russian soldier was photographed wearing an arm patch with a message sewn on it: “I don’t believe in anything. I’m only here for the violence.”

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The intruder reportedly belonged, along with another soldier, to a Russian paramilitary organization called The Wagner Group.

The group has reportedly moved most of its soldiers who had been fighting in Libya to Ukraine to reinforce Putin’s army and try to conquer as much of eastern Ukraine as possible.

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