Monday, June 27, 2022

A massive fire kills seven and injures 46 as a law office is engulfed in an inferno

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Police are investigating whether a major fire at a law firm, which killed seven and injured 46 others, was deliberately started as part of a workplace incident

A horrific fire at a law firm has killed seven and injured a total of 46 others.

The inferno erupted near Daegu District Court in Daegu, South Korea, around 10:55 am (2:55 am UK time) on Thursday (June 9).

Seven unidentified people inside the building were killed in the blaze, with some of the 46 injured known to have been inhaling smoke.

Dozens of people were also evacuated to the central streets of Daegu, the country’s fourth most populous city.

A call to 119 reported black smoke billowing from the office complex, and an explosion was also heard on the second floor of the building.

50 fire engines and 160 firefighters were dispatched to the immediate rescue operation, and the fire was extinguished after 20 minutes.

Police are reportedly investigating whether an arson attack linked to a workplace incident could be the cause, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Korean Public Administration and Security Minister Daegu Suseong-gu issued a fire safety order immediately after the incident.

This formally obliges the authorities to support the families of those who have died or been injured and to continue their efforts to treat the injured and search for missing persons.

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Footage taken from a building across the street showed firefighters using a ladder and various types of equipment to bring the blaze under control.

Other photos sent to local media by witnesses showed people being rescued and rescue workers wearing protective gear.

The law firm involved in the fire is part of a complex of law firms surrounding Daegu District Court.

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