Saturday, August 6, 2022

Woman who became pregnant after rape opens up about fight over abortion in Britain

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A woman has opened up about her “traumatic struggle” to have an abortion in the UK after becoming pregnant following a rape.

Speak with LatestPageNewsAlana said it was a “massive shock” to learn she was pregnant with her rapist’s baby weeks after the incident.

The 32-year-old said she felt compelled to share her personal story after the US Supreme Court fell Deer vs Wade— the landmark decision that legalized abortion nationwide in 1973 — in late June.

Abortion has already been banned in at least eight U.S. states, while more than half of U.S. states are expected to ban abortions or severely restrict policies after the Supreme Court’s decision, with some states set to ban abortions even if there is a pregnancy consequence of rape or incest.

Alana, who has never spoken to the media before, said it makes her “sick” that there are no exceptions for women who want abortions because their pregnancy is the result of rape.

“I’m really sad for women like me,” added Alana, who lives in the north of England. “But that also happens to young girls. We’re jeopardizing their sanity by forcing them to carry a rapist’s baby until they don’t want to. It’s just disgusting.”

Recalling her personal experience a few years ago, Alana said the rape happened after she met a friend of hers one night and returned to his house with a group of friends.

She added: “We were all drunk. I fell asleep. All my friends left but they didn’t think there would be a problem as he was a friend of ours. His house was in a place I had been to several times.

“He was someone I trusted – someone I had been alone with before. I woke up with him on me. he was inside me I wasn’t wearing any panties. I got my things and left immediately.”

Alana, whose name has been changed, said she went straight to her local hospital, where she received both hepatitis and HIV shots in case she exposed herself through sex.

“When I got to the hospital I thought I’m not going to the police,” she added. “All I could think about was my dad and how upset he was going to be. He is extremely protective. I knew it would ruin his life. He wouldn’t get over it.”

After the incident, Alana said she started self-medicating by taking codeine. “I’m very lucky not to be dead,” she added. “I didn’t want to feel anything. It felt a lot easier to feel numb and not feel things. I went to the family doctor and reported what had happened. You have been incredible with me. I was open to the codeine and they tapered me off and gave me anti-anxiety meds instead.

Alana said she lost her job in hospitality as she explained she didn’t feel good enough to engage with customers.

She added: “Then I found out I was pregnant. I felt numb and empty. I was better. I thought I’d get up again. But it didn’t get any easier. Much worse was to come. It was tough when I found out it was 11 weeks pregnant.

“I never doubted that I had an abortion. A rapist is not the kind of person I would want to have a child with. I just couldn’t.”

Alana said she was plagued by delays in seeking an abortion and was only able to get her first appointment three weeks after discovering the pregnancy – meaning she was 15 weeks by the time she had the appointment was pregnant.

“I could feel it,” added Alana, who was on birth control when she got pregnant. “If you’ve been pregnant before, you may feel fetal movements like kicking earlier. I had a bit of a belly, so I wore a lot of baggy sweaters and t-shirts.”

Scar tissue from her previous c-section meant a doctor told her they could not perform a safe abortion that day, she said, adding that she was told she would have to go to a specialist service.

“I called this number and they said the only hospital that could see me is Homerton Hospital in London,” Alana added. “The next available date was when I was 20 weeks pregnant.”

Your comments come after LatestPageNews It was recently reported that women who want an abortion have to travel hundreds of miles to access medical care as “unsustainable” wait times put unsustainable pressure on services.

Those wanting surgical and late-stage abortions in the UK are being forced to cross the country due to gaps in coverage in their area, while ‘messy’ NHS systems are forcing private providers to turn women away LatestPageNews was said.

Alana, who lives over 200 miles from the hospital in east London, said she had to take several trains to get to the hospital – adding that she had not told friends or family that she had the abortion.

She said: “I was 20 weeks old when I took Hackney to have an abortion. Nobody knew I was there. Not even my best friend. I chose not to tell her as she was strongly anti-abortion, but her views have now changed.”

Alana, who paid for her travel and accommodation, said she was shocked to be discharged from hospital about five hours after her surgery.

She recalled: “It feels crazy. It’s a medical procedure, but I feel like it’s downplayed for what it is. I was expected to just sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair after the surgery.

“I had to carry a trolley suitcase home. I traveled home the same day I had general anesthesia.

“I bled. I had stomach cramps. I was tired and dizzy. I hadn’t eaten because you’re not allowed to eat 24 hours before the operation. When I got home, it took five days for the blood loss and stomach cramps to stop.”

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