Saturday, November 27, 2021

Unjabbed Britons are 32 times more likely to die from Covid, according to ONS data

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Unvaccinated people are 32 times more likely to die from coronavirus than those who had the vaccination, according to new data from the Office of National Statistics.

Statisticians analyzed coronavirus-related deaths in England between January 2 and September 24 this year and adjusted their results for age.

Age-standardized mortality rates allow researchers to take into account differences in age and population size in order to fairly compare different vaccination groups.

They found that the death rates for people who had received two vaccinations were consistently lower than for people who had no or one vaccination.

The death rate was 849.7 out of 100,000 people who were not vaccinated. This was compared to 26.2 out of 100,000 people who received a second dose of vaccine.

4,479 people who received both vaccines died from the coronavirus from January to September – more than 3,200 of those deaths occurred in August and September. However, since January 34,474 unvaccinated people have died of coronavirus, ONS data showed.

Over 10,000 additional deaths have been recorded in people who received a single vaccination – 3,880 within three weeks of receiving a dose and 6,663 after more than 21 days.

Last week Imperial College London found that fully vaccinated people can contract the coronavirus at home and pass it on, but at lower rates than unvaccinated people.

Their analysis found that about 25 percent of vaccinated household contacts tested positive for the coronavirus, compared to about 38 percent of unvaccinated household contacts.

Fully vaccinated people also healed the infection faster than unvaccinated ones, but their maximum viral load – the largest amount of coronavirus found in the nose and throat – was similar to that of unvaccinated people, Imperial College London said.

The Ministry of Health is trying to speed up the vaccine refreshment program before winter amid public fears that immunity to the coronavirus is waning.

Anyone eligible for a Covid booster can now get their third vaccination without booking by going to an NHS walk-in center.

According to the latest government data, 86.9 percent of the population received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. 79.5 percent received their second dose and 13.8 percent received a booster or third dose.

This article was changed on November 10, 2021. A graph posted on social media by the ONS reported a death rate of 849.7 unvaccinated people per 1,000 population, but this was wrong and should have said 849.7 per 100,000 population.

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