Thursday, January 26, 2023

The sale of nitrous oxide could be banned for anti-social behavior

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While nitrous oxide provides a brief burst of euphoria lasting no more than a few seconds, excessive inhalation can cause paralysis and even death.

Latest Page News reported about how larger canisters of nitrous oxide intended only for caterers have resulted in large numbers of patients using the gas recreationally suffering from its effects.

Current legislation prohibits the knowing or reckless supply of inhaled nitrous oxide, but a ban on all direct sales to consumers has been called for as part of a tightening of the commonly used drug law.

Police Secretary Chris Philp is reportedly urging an ongoing review of nitrous oxide by the independent Advisory Council on Drug Abuse to be accelerated to April, with suggestions that a formal announcement of a ban could be made as part of the government’s anti-social behavior strategy still in progress due this year.

The Prime Minister addressed the issue in his New Year’s address earlier this month, lashing out at anti-social behavior and highlighting the plague of discarded “nitrous oxide canisters in children’s playgrounds”.

The Home Office has been asked for comment on the reported changes.

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