Thursday, December 22, 2022

Prestigious award for ambulance teams who helped save the life of a 13 year old

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Crew members from Cambridgeshire-based charity Magpas Air Ambulance and the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) won the ‘999 Hero’ category at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards, broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday.

Their nomination came after they brought 13-year-old Daisy Webb back to life after suffering cardiac arrest.

Witnesses saw Daisy fall to her knees and stop breathing and called 999.

EEAST crew members Grace Lemin, Harrison Galgut and Charlie Harris arrived within minutes and began CPR and shocked Daisy’s heart until her pulse returned.

Magpas Air Ambulance colleagues, Dr. James Price, and paramedics Steve Chambers and Thomas Giddings then took over and put Daisy under general anesthesia at the scene to protect her organs and take over her breathing before being taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Daisy has since made a full recovery, and her family nominated her entire team of lifeguards for the 999 Hero Award.

“Words can’t really describe how I feel, just gratitude and thanks to everyone who gave me the chance to live,” she said.

Following the ceremony Steve Chambers, Magpas Air Ambulance Paramedic said: “To be nominated was an honor in itself so to win a national award is just fantastic!

“The evening itself was brilliant, there were so many famous faces and it was an amazing atmosphere.

“Seeing everyone involved in Daisy’s incident again and seeing how well Daisy is doing was amazing. It’s definitely a night I won’t forget!”Critical Care Paramedic Thomas Giddings continued, “Awards night was a humbling if not surreal experience to be with so many phenomenal people who had such inspiring stories of dedication to patient care.

“Celebrating with the nominated team, particularly with Daisy and her family, has been a career highlight.

“Winning that night was incredible and a testament to teamwork.”

dr James Price of Magpas Air Ambulance stated: “It is truly humbling to receive such recognition for the work we do every day and we were honored to share the evening with Linda, Paul, Tommy and the amazing EEAST team who all did a great job saving Daisy’s life that morning.”

“We are very grateful to Daisy and her parents for the nomination.

“It is remarkable and so enriching to see how well Daisy and her family are progressing.”

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