Thursday, December 22, 2022

Parents drive 120 miles for a baby with a cantaloupe-sized tumor to get chemotherapy

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Born in June, Mylah-Mae was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a small melon growing inside her.

She has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma – a condition that affects just 100 children in the UK each year.

For four rounds of chemotherapy and regular check-ups, Mylah-Mae’s mother Danielle Moore says she has to drive from her home in Dunstable to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

She explained: “It’s around £150 just to take her to her chemo then there’s a car park upstairs and if you need to eat there too it all adds up but if it’s your child you don’t have every choice .”

Mylah-Mae’s great-uncle Stephen Moore of Jersey has started knitting wool hats to raise funds for parents’ travel expenses.

From an initial goal of £300, the fundraiser has raised more than £1,600 in a week.

Stephen currently has a waiting list of 60 people, some willing to donate money without getting a hat while he fights the backlog.

He said: “They do all the hard work, we’re just trying to do a little bit here and it’s amazing what the Jersey people are doing.

“There are people I don’t know who have donated, people have sent me little cards with a few pounds.

“I’ll keep going until everyone’s done, but I think I might be here for a while.”

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