Monday, January 23, 2023

Paramedics travel to war-torn Ukraine to train firefighters in lifesaving

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The two-week trip was organized by the non-profit company Outreach Paramedics.

The team consists of three paramedics and one member of a search and rescue team. You will visit a number of fire stations in Ukraine to train State Fire Service personnel in pre-hospital emergency care, trauma and life support.

Faye Shepherd, co-founder of Outreach Paramedics and one of the volunteers going to Ukraine, told Latest Page News West Country that while she is excited to make a difference, she knows there is a risk of going to Ukraine .

She said: “I like the idea of ​​really helping people in dire need and at the moment I can’t do that in my job in the way I’d like to. In the UK we are often seen waiting outside hospitals but this is something that will be really fulfilling.

“Knowing that the training we offer will save lives while we’re taking care of people in the back of an ambulance as best we can right now, and that’s often heartbreaking because we can’t do our jobs.”

It costs around £10,000 to send each fully equipped ambulance to Ukraine for two weeks with two volunteers on board.

Decland Sarsfield, co-founder of Outreach Paramedics, said, “We hope more paramedics see what we’re trying to create here and see the good they can do elsewhere outside of their jobs because their skills are needed.”

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the state fire department has responded to medical emergencies without much medical training, helping to free seriously injured patients from the front and taking care of civilian victims.

The Cornwall volunteer team will spend two weeks in Ukraine and hope to tour the country and train around 125 firefighters.

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