Monday, November 29, 2021

Open windows at home regularly to prevent the spread of Covid, the public said

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People are encouraged to open windows regularly while meeting others at home to prevent the spread of Covid.

A campaign in support of the government has been launched to show the importance of good ventilation in fighting the virus as the pandemic enters its second winter.

The public is told that a window will be opened for 10 minutes every hour if socializing indoors can help fight the spread of Covid.

This message is conveyed in an explanatory film shared on the NHS and government online channels.

The video shows how someone with Covid talking to another person at home creates a build-up of virus particles in the air.

These particles remain in an unventilated room and increase the risk of contracting Covid.

The video explains how good ventilation, if only for a short time, can help spread Covid particles quickly.

“Small but important measures can help protect us from Covid-19,” said Dr. Thomas Waite, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England.

He said while vaccines, indoor face coverings, and regular testing are important, it is “critical that we don’t overlook the value of ventilation”.

“People with Covid-19 release virus particles into the air when they speak, breathe, or cough, and these can linger in unventilated environments,” said Dr. Waite.

“As winter approaches and people spend more time indoors, it is important that everyone understands the importance of ventilating, e.g.

The government also released a message last year urging the public to open windows to improve ventilation and reduce the risk of contracting Covid in winter.

The latest campaign comes after research showed that nearly two-thirds of the public did not know that ventilation is an effective way to prevent the spread of Covid in the home, the government said.

Earlier this week, Jonathan Van-Tam, another deputy chief medical officer for England, warned of the UK’s high COVid rates and rising deaths that mean “tough months” are ahead this winter.

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