Sunday, October 17, 2021

One million more NHS and nursing staff will be needed over the next decade

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England will need more than a million additional health and care workers in the next decade if the NHS and social welfare are to meet growing patient needs.

A new analysis by the Health Foundation shows the growing labor shortage in England with an additional 488,000 NHS workers needed to meet growing demand and recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. This would correspond to an increase in the workforce of 40 percent – twice as much as in the last 10 years.

In the social sector, the need is even greater with 627,000 additional staff. That would be an increase of 55 percent over the next ten years and four times the growth since 2001.

The NHS expanded its workforce by 20 percent between June 2011 and June 2021, but growth slowed to just 16 percent in the five years from June 2016 to June 2021.

The Health Foundation said that to provide that level of staff funding to the NHS alone, growth would need to be twice as fast as in the past decade, and at least 3.2 percent per year – an additional £ 70 billion by 2030. 31.

Anita Charlesworth, research director for the Health Foundation, said a fully funded human resources plan should be a top priority for Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his spending review this fall.

She said: “If the government does not take action now to invest in the workforce, the NHS and welfare system are likely to face increasing staff shortages for a decade. A total of 5.6 million people are already waiting for care and the healthcare system urgently needs more staff.

“The staff shortage is the greatest risk to post-pandemic recovery. Despite the more immediate challenges posed by Covid-19, the government must not lose sight of the underlying demand and cost pressures facing the NHS and welfare over the long term and the need to better plan to meet staffing levels in order to to meet this need.

“The money that is needed to cope with the pressure in the health and social services must rise significantly beyond the current regulation and increase even faster in social welfare. This means that the government faces a major balancing act of priorities in the next decade. “

Public health expenditure in the UK was £ 177 billion in 2019, the equivalent of £ 2,647 per person for the year. This is less than the average for the 14 large EU countries and significantly less than the G7 average.

The NHS has nearly 100,000 jobs for employees with 112,000 social jobs. This includes 9,691 positions for doctors and almost 39,000 positions for nursing staff.

In addition to additional staff, the NHS also needs adequate equipment, beds and technology to cope with the rising numbers of patients caused by an aging society, the deterioration in health and the backlog of supplies caused by Covid-19.

In order to clear the Covid-19 backlog and meet the NHS waiting time standard of 18 weeks by March 2025, the NHS would need an additional 4,400 counselors and 18,000 additional nurses. This is done in addition to the existing vacancies.

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