Sunday, October 17, 2021

NEVER TOO YOUNG At 36 I now had everything to live with. I desperately hope to be one of the 3% who survived my cancer

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A man diagnosed with stage four colon cancer plans to marry his soulmate this year as he says he will not die from the disease.

Edward Lord was on a family outing to Norfolk when he got severe stomach pain.

The 36-year-old called his family doctor and after an ultrasound he was told that he had a problem with his liver.

On August 27, he was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer that had spread to his liver and was told that he had multiple tumors.

Colon cancer, also known as colon cancer, is the second deadliest form of the disease in the UK, but it can be cured if caught early enough.

Early diagnosis saves lives, and that’s why The Sun launched the No Time 2 Lose campaign in April 2018, calling on the government to lower the screening age for the disease from 60 to 50.

Bowel Cancer UK also previously launched its Never Too Young campaign after it became known that millions of people did not know they could get colon cancer under the age of 50.

Edward, of Harringay, London, says he wants to be among the lucky three percent of people who survive the disease.

Faced with an 18-month forecast, art technician Edward refuses to give in and, with the help of his family, including fiancée Katherine Vagg, 34, is raising funds for alternative medications to supplement his NHS treatment and bring his wedding day forward a year.

Edward, who proposed marriage to Katherine, a special effects makeup artist, over Christmas and had planned to tie the knot in September 2022, said, “Cancer isn’t going to stop me from marrying Katherine.

“We’re not getting married because I’m giving up – that’s more positive.

“I want to live with cancer. I’m not going to die of cancer, I’m going to live all the way.”

Life couldn’t have been better for Edward until his shocking diagnosis.

He met Katherine in 2019 through a mutual friend and immediately fell in love with her.

They moved in together in September 2020 and he proposed over the Christmas period.

He said, “I met Katherine through a mutual friend who I shared a flat with. We were all in Norfolk for a weekend and I think I fell in love with her that weekend. After a year and a half we had moved in together and I had submitted an application. “

A few months later, in April 2021, they bought their home in Harringay, North London.

As they began their new life together, Edward began to suffer from severe abdominal pain on August 8th of this year.

He had been to Norfolk with his family and when he got back he called his London GP who sent him to A&E.

Edward was then booked for an ultrasound but says he collapsed on the bathroom floor on the day of his exam due to the severity of the pain.

He said, “My friend drove me to the hospital and the doctors checked my ultrasound that the problem was in my liver.

“The next day, after a biopsy, the specialist said it looked like cancer.

“And on August 27, the doctors confirmed that I had stage four colon cancer. It had spread to my liver and I had several tumors. “

Edward was given a life expectancy of six to 18 months and was told that he had a three percent chance of remission.

He added, “It is extremely rare for someone my age to have such a diagnosis.

“The tumor was in the wall of my colon, so I had no typical signs of colon cancer, so I had no symptoms up to the abdominal pain.

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