Monday, December 5, 2022

Mobile health station provides medical care for the homeless

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The Trafford Council unit provided medical assistance and support to 37 people for three nights when they first took to the streets of Trafford.

The unit, which visited Stretford, Old Trafford, Sale, Altrincham and Partington, provided much-needed support to those most in need.

It offers a range of treatments including vaccinations, health checks, blood tests, mobile EKG tests, dental support, sexual health counseling and vaccination support.

Over the three nights, staff completed 31 health checks, 17 dental referrals, 13 smoking cessation referrals, six drug/alcohol referrals, two mental health referrals, three GP registration assists, five weight loss referrals, five inquiries, five applications on Covid vaccinations and nine through applications for flu shots.

Staff will also make home visits to assisted living facilities and speak to rough sleepers when the unit goes out again later in October.

The unit was purchased after Trafford Council received a bid totaling £237,526 from the Government as part of the Rough Sleeper Initiative (RSI).

RSI funding will be used to provide a rental caregiver, a personalization fund, more temporary housing, and transportation support.

Trafford will also benefit from a full-time rough sleeper staff member, a psychologist, a dual diagnosis staff member and funding for two staff to help with complex cases.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council Executive Member for Housing and Neighborhoods, said: “Trafford Council and the Executive are fully committed to helping the homeless and those who are having trouble sleeping.

This mobile health unit has provided much needed support to 37 people in Trafford – a fantastic achievement.

“These individuals might never have received their treatment if it weren’t for the mobile health unit. The device will be back on the market later this month and we hope to be able to treat even more people by then.”

Cllr Jane Slater, Trafford Council Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing and Equality said: “The mobile health unit is a fabulous idea and has proved to be a huge success.

Those struggling the most in our district are now receiving direct medical treatment and being referred to NHS services.

It’s important that everyone at Trafford gets the medical attention they need. Thank you to everyone involved in setting up this service.”

The mobile health unit will be deployed later this month at the following locations:

24 October:

October 27:

For more information please contact HOST on 0161 912 2230.

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