Sunday, October 17, 2021

HEALTH FORECAST Windy weather “spreads the worst cold ever” further and FASTER, warns study

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WINDY weather spreads germs further and faster, warns a new study.

Coughing without a mask in windy weather means that it can continue to be whipped away in the same direction.

For example, insects can be blown with the wind at someone who is relatively safe at a distance of more than two meters, the research showed.

It was done primarily to study the effects of people with Covid coughs without a face covering on windy days, but it can be applied to any airborne virus.

That means the British are trying to fight both Covid and the “worst cold ever”, even if you are outside you may not be able to be protected from germs.

Since face masks are no longer required by law when you are out and about, even a cautious fit of coughing can infect someone standing in the direction of the wind.

Published in Physics of liquids, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay found that when a person coughs outdoors, wind in the same direction can send the virus faster over longer distances than when there is no wind.

“The study is significant in that it highlights the increased risk of infection that a cough in the same direction as the wind could bring,” said co-author Amit Agrawal.

“Based on the results, we recommend wearing masks outdoors, especially in airy conditions.”

They also recommend coughing into one elbow or turning your face away when coughing.

“Increasing the length of time some of the larger droplets remain in place will increase the viral load that the cough stream will carry and increase the likelihood of infection,” Agrawal said.

“Overall, the study highlights the increased risk of infection even with a light breeze.”

It comes because the “worst cold ever” has hit thousands of Britons in the past few weeks – and many say they are struggling to shake off the virus.

Thanks to multiple lockdowns and social distancing, colds and flu have been halted for more than a year.

However, since things reopened and the British have been spending more time socializing, coughs, colds and flu have increased.

Because of this, a lot of people have rushed to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to talk about how they have had “the worst cold ever” for weeks.

More and more people are afflicted by the serious illness and need days to recover.

Part of the reason this cold feels bad is because we’ve lost the immunity we’ve built up every year against the common winter beetles – after social distancing and without getting involved in the pandemic.

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